Carpets, Runners & Rugs


Carpeting has always been a classic way to warm up a room. There are many reasons to choose carpet for your next project depending on your goal.

Carpet has the ability to create a quieter, softer feeling. This happens due to its insulating nature. This is one of the unique characteristics of carpet and can be used strategically in remodeling.

Utilizing carpet will insulate and absorb noise in problem areas. It will also remove some of the reverberation in rooms. This can be beneficial when sound-proofing is a concern.

Carpeting also has the unique ability to agree with the color palette and temperature of the room. Carpets can be dyed many colors and come in intricate designs.

At Forcellini Flooring we love to help our patrons in choosing a wonderful carpet and we love to enjoy the process as well. We have valuable experience in finding out the best carpet for you. Come see us today!